Sunset on the Beach 2011

This whole adventure started out to see a premiere of a beloved old show now “re-booted” and starting its second season; to see the islands of that much loved show of the 70s and 80s. To see the next work of a story-telling genius whose craftsmanship I’ve respected from before La Femme Nikita, CSI NY, and 24; and that of his team of writers, directors, staff, crew and, oh, yes, the actors. And the human observer in me wanted to witness the results of this unifying of people.  To meet those that shared this bond, if you will; and to join in the start of a new season; to watch all the excitement build to the ultimate goal – the red carpet event and premiere.

The first meeting en mass was at the Tweet up.  We greeted each other like long lost friends upon recognizing some faces from avitars and some from Twitter handles.  Young, mature, women, men.  We had bonded over social media for a media event and then, at the Tweet up, just bonded as people.

From the Tweet up to the days after SOTB, the friendships grew, matured, and deepened.  The term ‘ohana’ developed into more than just a native word.

Each event of the many talented, caring and funny tour hosts’ agendas: tweet up, brunch, luau, bus tour, live stream and open house, solidified the group’s ohana attitude.

The Brunch and Luau foods were traditional; delicious, theatrically and beautifully ceremonially presented.  The flavors were more palatable with the fresh sea air and new cohorts to share the culinary adventure with.  Reverential presentation and blessing at the Luau was brilliant and moving.  The colors and sounds, music and laughter that abounded were brighter, clearer, more melodic and made the trip, the experience, more satisfying with each passing introduction, discussion and dance.

The Tour Bus hosts were informative, but more so phenomenally caring and entertaining; graciously taking us on a Fan Tour that satisfied even the most ardent of fans of the show and it actors.  The scenery was spellbinding and my novice painter’s eye could not stop taking mental notes of colors and hues and textures of plants and pantones of sky, earth and sea.  To say they took us to some awe inspiring spots is ludicrously inept in description.  And then the Bayer Estate, and watching the joy and pleasure on the faces of the ohana in our group tour was a treasure in and of itself.

The day of the SOTB (Sunset on the Beach) rose before the sun with an undercurrent of excitement waiting together in the early morning moist air to the day’s end of scorching heat and umbrellas and burning sand.  All the heat almost unnoticed because of the impending event…the excitement was palpable.  The delivery of coco puffs from Peter delivered by our beloved Harry, only heightened the anticipation of the teenage idol apex of emotion as the red carpet walkers later approached, spoke, autographed, and graciously thanked the fans.  All leading to the moment I personally most anticipated – the first public showing of Hawaii Five-O, Episode 1, Season 2, Ha’i’ole, written by Peter M. Lenkov and Paul Zbyszewski.  Jack and James and Leonard were made proud, again.

What I took away from this ecstatic adventure was friendship with people I would never have met without the show’s draw and the social media it so proliferates on my phone.  What I received was a gift from a group of precious people:  an enhanced experience, an exhilaration and an acuity of surroundings, increasing the levels of enjoyment and yes, thrill for sharing this.  Oh, what an impact they have made with their exuberance and enthusiasm, unique personalities and stories.  And while there actually is a life outside the beautiful bubble of fantasy of Hawaii Five-O, and it’s talented team of gorgeous actors and the brilliant minds that provide us with twisted intrigue each week and so dominates our common Twitterverse, these people, made the trip worth it even more.  And all because Peter re-booted my beloved Hawaii Five-O.


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