Teresea is a former law enforcement officer, a 1970s decision influenced by the original Hawaii Five-O – “a time when there were real role models, not unlike my father, having true moral and ethical backbone.”  Teresea is a local award-winning acrylic artist, a post-Hurricane Andrew ‘Davis Productivity Award’ winner for her major contribution in the development of a state government emergency management program; a program co-developed by Teresea and her then-boss Joe Kight.

She has written for government and job-related publications, developed and managed a 500+ page website “when coding was the rule of the day” and currently coordinates a regulatory arm of a state government consumer assistance program, while she continues to work with law enforcement personnel.  “I frequently tell two of the Daniel-named investigators/colleagues to ‘Book ‘em, Danno’- to which we are all old enough to laugh with fond memories at that.”

Teresea’s interest in the “re-boot” of Hawaii Five-0 was sparked by the announcement of the executive producer, Peter Lenkov, a favorite crime show writer and producer of hers.

Teresea has traveled throughout the southern and western United States, Alaska, the Caribbean and Mexico and has lived in the Midwest United States.  “The Hawaii Five-O reboot gave me the opportunity to add Hawaii to my list.”  She currently resides near her parents in Florida.


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